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Grasscrete is a specially engineered cellular concrete (cast on side) surface on which natural grass can be grown. It is an environmentally friendly product that makes our surroundings beautiful. Grasscrete tries to make our surroundings greener as it diminishes the bad effects of modern construction.

As the surface of grasscrete is also used as a permeable surface, it can be used to regulate areas that suffer from seasonal runoff.

It is an environmentally friendly product that largely uses recycled materials. Grasscrete gives us an impermeable pavement for water management applications and vehicle parking. It offers many advantages over the precast concrete and plastic pavement systems. It can also be used to create a heat effect on the island, effective stormwater management, a long life span, and low maintenance

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Grasscrete's Structural Advantages

Heavy Load Bearing Capacity

The main structural benefit of grasscrete is that it has a heavy load-bearing capacity with a saturated sub-base. Grasscrete can support up to 114, 000 pounds of vehicle load. It can support military tanks and light-speed rail track access.

It resists differential settlement

A monolithic concrete slab uniformly distributes the weight over a larger surface area. It thus resists differential settlement, which happens in modular grasscrete systems.
The structural strength of grasscrete pavements can be carried once the concrete reaches its desirable compressive and flexural strength.

It is sufficient to have a shallower sub-base

Whereas other pavements require the thickness of the section and its continuous reinforcement, grasscrete can be installed with a lesser thickness of sub-base.

Edge Details Are Not Required

Grasscrete does not require edge restraints or curbs, unlike modular precast concrete. It naturally bends and gives an artistic look

It withstands freeze-thaw and protects the slope

Frost heave in grasscrete combined with hydro-electric pressure

The Environmental Advantages of Grasscrete

It increases green space and reduces the heat island effect

Heat island areas are those areas that are hotter than the nearby rural areas. Grasscrete creates a green space, reducing the heat island effect and making the atmosphere calm and attractive.

used recycled materials

Grasscrete uses recycled materials starting from the manufacturing process of the concrete mix. It is made entirely of recycled materials.

Infiltration of stormwater

Grasscrete not only maintains the stability of the groundwater recharge, but it also reduces the runoff.
This infiltration promotes water quality through bio-retention.

Grasscrete's Economic Benefits

Longer Lifecycle

It has a long life cycle as compared to the other conventional paving systems

Reduce Expensive Infrastructure

Grasscrete allows natural water infiltration. It reduces the need for expensive infrastructure like gutters, underground piping, and curbs

Low Operating Costs

Stone-filled grasscrete pavements are the most effective option for low maintenance. It is also the most widely used grasscrete.

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