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Concrete undergoes dynamic environmental changes. Macro synthetic reinforcement fiber is increasingly recognised as it eliminates the need for any concern if steel reinforcement is placed in the proper position. F Macro is a trusted three-dimensional macro synthetic fiber. It is chemically inert and does not corrode like steel fibre or mesh. F Macro fibre is made of pure copolymer/polypropylene which has twisted Monofilament fiber.

If compared to steel, they are lightweight. Besides cost issues, quality matters greatly for construction and F Macro fulfills these requirements.

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How much macro synthetic fiber is needed depends on the requirements of the project. It usually varies from 2kb/m3 and 5 kg/m3. The final mixture is obtained by adding F Macro fiber to the aggregate band at the concrete batching plant. It can also be obtained by mixing it in a high speed concrete mixer for 5 minutes in the field.


  • 1
    Addition- F Macro comes in a ready to mix bag that can be added directly to the concrete mixing system. It should be added during or after mixing the other ingredients
  • 2
    Mixing- Add the fiber to a rotating drum. Once it is added to the batch, mix for 5 minutes at least. Road revolution speed should be excluded as part of the mixing time.
  • 3
    Slump- It reduces the slump measured by the slump-cone test but has a lesser effect on workability. To recover any loss of workability, a suitable amount of admixtures should be used.
  • 4
    Pumping- If, in case, it is to be pumped, it is recommended a round- bar grate should be used on the hopper of the pump truck. Vibrator can be attached directly to the grate to help in the movement of the concrete through the grate.
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