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DiamondTM Dowels are plate dowels designed for use in concrete slabs and pavements. They distribute vertical loads over the joint while minimising differential deflection between neighbouring slab panels when loaded. They attach immediately to wooden form boards or metal separating plates and are simple to install. They are pre-assembled with all necessary components.

Product Features

  • 1
    There are three dowel sizes available: 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm.
  • 2
    Standard DiamondTM Dowel plates are saw-cut from AS/NZS 3679.1 Grade 300 steel bar.
  • 3
    Increases the surface area at the joint.
  • 4
    The nailing flange ensures a strong connection to the form boards.
  • 5
    When stripping the form boards, double-headed nails assist keep the sleeve in place in the concrete.
  • 6
    The sleeve has a 5mm expansion capacity
  • 7
    The sleeve method guarantees that the dowel is stable and perpendicular to the form board.
  • 8
    Sleeves made of tough, non-compressible high-flow polyethylene.

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Type: Technical

File Description: 20mm Diamond Dowel Plate Dowel & Sleeve

Type: Brochures

File Description: The DiamondTM Dowel system, which is available in 6mm, 10mm, and 20mm sizes, enables weight transmission for construction joint applications in concrete slabs and pavements.

Type: Educational

File Description: Load Transfer is provided by the DanleyTM 20mm DiamondTM Dowel and PD3TM Cradle with RynoBarTM in heavy duty slab-on-ground situations.

Type: Product Catalogues

File Description: Our DanleyTM product line was created expressly to address industrial challenges in the design and installation of concrete flooring systems.

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File Description: Diamond™ Dowel Sectional View (PDF)

Type: Drawings

File Description: Diamond™ Dowel Intersections (PDF)

Type: DWG

File Description: Diamond™ Dowel Sectional Views (DWG)

Type: DWG

File Description:Diamond™ Dowel Intersections (DWG)

Type: Product Guides

File Description: This document provides an overview of the Stego Vapour Mitigation solutions available in Australia, as well as technical data and advice for the proper specification and usage of Stego technology.

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