What is structural concrete ?

Reinforced concrete, or RCC, is concrete that contains embedded steel bars, plates, or fibers that strengthen the material. The capability to carry loads by these materials is magnified, and because of this RCC is used extensively in all construction. In fact, it has become the most commonly utilized construction material.

  • Structural concrete has a high compressive strength compared to other building materials.
  • Due to the provided reinforcement, reinforced concrete can also withstand a good amount tensile stress.
  • Fire and weather resistance of structural concrete is fair.
  • The structural concrete building system is more durable than any other building system.


How does Diamond Dowel® System help with structuring the strength of concrete ?

The industry standard for construction joints, the Diamond Dowel® System achieves superior joint stability measurements of 0.01 in (25 mm) and delivers reliable, maintenance-free and serviceable concrete flatwork. With the proven Diamond Dowel® System you can optimize materials, reduce labor costs, improve worker safety and minimize joint spalling and random cracking.

    Recommended for formed construction joints in:
  • Concrete slabs on grade
  • Concrete pavement
  • Concrete flatwork exposed to pedestrian traffic

With the proven Diamond Dowel® System, you provide the joint stability, positive load transfer and continuity of surface profile your projects demand. The Diamond Dowel® System consists of the tapered plate dowel, sleeve and installation template. The Diamond Dowel® tapered plates are available in three sizes (depending on the loads, wheel type and repetition)

    Benefits of Diamond Dowel® System
  • Joint stability
  • Positive load transfer
  • Continuity of surface profile your projects demand

Diamond Dowel®

Diamond Dowel® Structural


How does Hycrete Me1000+ work on structural concrete ?

Hycrete MC1000+ is a patented dualaction migrating corrosion-inhibiting and waterproofing concrete admixture that delivers industry leading performance. Hycrete MC1000+ protects concrete and steel in two ways:

a) Migrates to form a protective passivating layer on the surface of reinforcement steel that dramatically reduces corrosion initiation and propagation. Protects reinforcement even in cracked concrete

b) Keeps water and corrosive agents out of concrete by reducing absorption to an industry low compared to control concrete.

Hycrete MC1000+

Hycrete MC1000+


How does HydraCure™ Matt work on structural concrete ?

You know appearance is critical for your next flatwork project, so choose HydraCure™ covers for optimal hydration at an affordable price. HydraCure™ moisture curing covers help you ensure a gradual, uniform and controlled concrete flatwork. Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure™ covers deliver a residue and stain-free slab, provide effortless handling and are water-resistant during storage

Comprised of non-woven fabrics coated with a white-pigmented polyethylene film, the fabric traps and retains water to provide a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover providing a uniformed cure. The white UV-resistant film also reflects the sun’s heat away from the slab surface, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring optimal drying rates.

  • Standard slabs
  • Indoor or outdoor environments
  • Slabs using surface treatment applications
  • Premium slabs such as shrinkage compensating concrete
  • Paving projects

Hydracure™ cover

hydracure™ Cover