CreteFill Spall Repair

CreteFill Spall Repair is a rapid setting, high strength, hybrid urethane repair material. This two part, 1:1 system is 100% solids and designed for repairing damaged control joints and larger cracks where no future slab movement is expected.

CreteFill Spall Repair, when combined with sand or fly ash, will develop into an extremely strong polymer concrete designed to repair existing concrete that has been damaged by forklifts, steel wheeled carts, etc.

    Ideal for:

  • Spall Repair
  • Freezer Threshold Repair
  • Parking Deck Repair
  • Grade Matching
  • Repair Deteriorated Concrete
  • Replace Lost Concrete Sections
  • Delamination of Concrete Slabs
  • Fill & Repair Spall Before Coating


Installation Guidelines

Clean the area of debris and contaminants that can debond CreteFill Spall Repair,such as oils, dirt, rubber, etc. Clean, rough concrete typically yields the best results. If using a saw to cut the concrete, remove all dust from the cut out area. Cut a vertical edge, minimum ½” deep, around the perimeter of the spall. Make sure the area is dry. Vacuum or blow off cement dust.

Mixing Instructions

5 Gallon “B” Polyol Side Stir gently with a jiffy mixer for at least 2 minutes before mixing with the “A” (Isocyanate) side.
1 Gallon & 1/2 Gallon “B” (Polyol) Side Shake vigorously for approximately 60 seconds before mixing with the “A” (Isocyanate) side.


Sand filler should have minimal moisture content. Grit sizes can range from 12-60. In exterior applications, the use of dry silica sand will reduce discoloration from UV rays. Pea gravel can be used on very large spalls (fly ash can also be used as a filler). CreteFill Spall Repair can be used to bond damaged slabs together. It is not intended for use where substrate movement is required. CreteFillSpall Repair is slightly moisture sensitive and should not be applied to wet surfaces.

Grinding to Finish Grade

Allow CreteFill Spall Repairto set for about 45 minutes or until hard. For best results, use a flexible grinding wheel. Grind smooth with a 7-inch wheel. Scrapping or cutting may also be done with a sharp razor blade cutter. Cut as soon as product is set and not completely hard. Repair is now ready for traffic.


    Product Benefits

  • Meets USDA Requirements
  • Cures from -20oF to 130oF (-28.9oC to 54.4oC)
  • "Drive-Over" in 45 Minutes
  • Produces High Strength Reapair
  • Self-Leveling
  • Self-Priming
  • Can be Color Matched


All personnel should read and understand the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Long-sleeved overalls or disposable overalls, rubber gloves, splash shields, and rubber or leather boots should be worn. Do not use near high heat or open flame. Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children.

Clean Up and Disposal

Cured product may be disposed of without restrictions. Excess liquid ‘A’ and ‘B’ material should be mixed together and allowed to cure, then disposed of in the normal manner. Cured materials may be stripped or peeled from plastic tools and containers. It is recommended that metal tools be cleaned within one hour of use by cutting or peeling cured material from the tool.


Satisfactory results depend not only upon quality products, but also upon factors beyond our control. Methods of application and site conditions are examples of such factors and can affect product performance. This warranty consequently extends only to products installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. It is the user’s responsibility to satisfy himself/herself, by his/her own information and testing of the suitability of the product for his/her own intended use. The user assumes all risk and liability resulting from his/her use of this product. The substrate to which the product is applied must be sound structurally. Structural or substrate failures or imperfections resulting in damage to or failure of the product are not covered by this warranty. Since the use of the product is beyond the control of the manufacturer, the manufacturer assumes no liability for misapplication and misuse of the product. This warranty does not cover consequential damages, nor does it cover the labor attendant to replace the product in the event of product failure. This warranty only extends to replacement of the product itself. All products proven to be defective in manufacture will be replaced at no charge. Since the use of these products is beyond our control we cannot assume any risk or liability for results obtained, nor can we accept damages in excess of the purchase price of these products.