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About Formula 07 -The Magic Water Glass Technology

  • Formula 07 is a clear liquid that pierces well into both old and new surfaces. It can be used on interior and exterior concrete floors.
  • The Formula 07 creates a hardened, dust-proof, abrasion-resistant, and thoroughly sealed concrete surface after reacting with concrete.
  • It is inorganic, non-poisonous, VOC-free, uncoloured, and inodorous.
  • It is designed specifically to protect and preserve concrete floors from damage caused by salts, moisture, freeze-thaw cycles, and steel corrosion.
  • Formula 07 creates a reaction in concrete that polymerizes, preventing water and other liquids from penetrating. It causes permanent sealing, thus making it HYDROPHOBIC.
  • Formula 07 is environmentally friendly as it is a water-based product. It helps you add green points to your new building.
  • This amazing Formula 07 protects the concrete against bad weather, heat, and contaminating elements.
  • Formula 07 is self-healing as it fills the small hair cracks by itself.
  • It reduces moisture from evaporating from the concrete and creates a surface where water can bead on the surface.

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How is Formula 07's "The Magic Water Glass" Different From Others?

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Advantages of Using Formula 7

It is the most powerful densifier on the market. It has deep penetration and comprehensive chemical reactions that create more calcium silicate hydrate (or CSH), giving concrete its strength.

Formula 07 slows down the outward migration of water from concrete. It reduces cracking and shrinkage.

While maintaining all the other benefits of the densifier, it also permanently seals, creating a water-resistant and moisture-resistant floor.

It cleans up the spills quickly, especially with light acids and alkaline chemicals.

Formula 07 helps in reducing maintenance costs as it makes the floor dustproof. It reacts with calcium hydroxide, becoming an essential part of the concrete.

It protects the floor against damage from salt, freezing, moisture, and steel corrosion.

With time, floors treated with Formula 07 develop a permanent self-polishing gloss.

It increases foot traffic wear resistance. It makes for an extremely hard and dense floor surface.

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