What is new concrete ?

Concrete is very durable and resilient. This makes it difficult to damage the flooring. Concrete flooring requires minimum maintenance. With it you don't have to worry about things like high heels, pet claws or furniture legs damaging the surface because it's just nearly impossible!
Concrete floors are completely customizable and provide a great alternative to traditional floorings such as linoleum, carpet, wood, tile, stone or marble. Color choices, textures, patterns, and finish options combine for limitless design possibilities.
Concrete is extremely durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. If your home or business has existing concrete subfloors, exposing them and applying a decorative treatment is an affordable and environmentally friendly option.


How does ashford formula world concrete floor densifier (new floor) ?

The Ashford Formula mixes with the salts in concrete to become an integral part of the concrete, thus completely dust-proofing the surface.
This substantially reduces maintenance costs and protects sensitive equipment and manufactured products from dust particles. The Ashford Formula reduces construction costs.


New Concrete Floor

Ashford Formula Treated Floor


Concrete is tough, right?  So why is the RetroPlate System necessary ?

Retro plate works beautifully with new and old worn out concrete floors.

    Benefits of RetroPlate :
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Impact strength
  • Light reflectivity
  • Lowest 10-year life cycle cost
  • Virtually maintenance free - dust mop, water and a neutral cleanser
  • No advance reaction to ultraviolet light or water spray
  • Eliminates moisture vapor failures related to floor covering

New Concrete Floor

RetroPlate System Treated Floor


How does MM-80 work with concrete ?

MM-80 is a 100% solids, two component, heavy duty semi-rigid epoxy joint filler designed to fill and protect contraction and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. The industry’s first semi-rigid joint filler and still widely known as the “industry standard” in floor joint protection.

Without MM-80

MM-80 Joint Filler


Working with colour dye on new /old concrete floors ?

Coloured concrete floors are attractive and distinctive, and can greatly improve the appearance of a building, and reinforce the company’s branding

  • Easy Shipping: dyes are packaged in dry form, so they are easy to ship, handle and store them
  • Unimaginable beauty: JBA dyes lend unimaginable beauty and gloss to your floor. With JBA Dyes, your floors reflect the beauty of natural stone. Moreover, JBA Dyes make your floor hard and dustproof.
  • Cost Effective: One of the major advantages of having JBA Dye is that it is very reasonably priced, and lets you have a choice of wide range of colors.
  • Impregnator Application: JBA Dye is excellent for areas that are prone to food or oil. It provides additional water and oil-stain resistance. In addition, the dye can also be applied to virgin or time worn concrete.

Color Dye

Studio Stamped Concrete


What is TRU® Self-Leveling ?

TRU® Self-Leveling is a polishable topping that provides long flow life, working time, and a smooth strong surface with high-bond strength. Customise TRU® Self-Leveling by adding decorative aggregate or integral colours.

    Benefits of TRU® Self-Leveling
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Engineered for polished overlays
  • Extend with decorative aggregate
  • Low polymer content
  • Foot traffic in 2 to 3 hours
  • Coat in 12 hours

TRU® Self-Leveling

TRU® Self-Leveling


How does Cement All® work with new concrete ?

Cement All® is a high-performance, fast-setting concrete repair material that is durable in wet environments. Apply Cement All® from featheredge to 4” thick. Use for general and structural concrete repair, doweling and anchoring, industrial grouting, formed work, vertical and horizontal trowel applications.

    Benefits of Cement All®
  • Sets in 15 minutes
  • Structural strength in one hour.
  • Easy to use, just add water.

Cement All®

Cement All®


How does WunderFixx® work with new concrete ?

WunderFixx® is a high performance, gray concrete smoothing and patching compound that is durable in wet environments with excellent bonding characteristics. Apply from skim coat to 1/2" thick. Use for cosmetic patching, detailing and smoothing on tilt-up panels, precast, formed work, concrete block and other concrete and masonry surfaces.

    Benefits of WunderFixx®
  • Patch, sand and paint the same day
  • Grit free, ultra-smooth finish.
  • Self-Curing Technology (SCT).

Wunder Fixx®

Wunder Fixx®


How does spall repair work with new concrete ?

CreteFill Spall Repair is a rapid setting, high strength, hybrid urethane repair material.  This two part, 1:1 system is 100% solids and designed for repairing damaged control joints and larger cracks where no future slab movement is expected. CreteFill Spall Repair, when combined with sand or fly ash, will develop into an extremely strong polymer concrete designed to repair existing concrete that has been damaged by forklifts, steel wheeled carts, etc.

Spall Repair

Spall Repair