HydraCure™ Covers


Single and multi-use wet curing covers to improve slab appearance and abrasion resistance.

Hydracure Covers

You know appearance is critical for your next flatwork project, so choose HydraCure™ covers for optimal hydration at an affordable price. HydraCure™ moisture curing covers help you ensure a gradual, uniform and controlled concrete flatwork. Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure™ covers deliver a residue and stain-free slab, provide effortless handling and are water-resistant during storage.

Comprised of non-woven fabrics coated with a white-pigmented polyethylene film, the fabric traps and retains water to provide a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover providing a uniformed cure. The white UV-resistant film also reflects the sun’s heat away from the slab surface, preventing excessive heat buildup and ensuring optimal drying rates.

    Recommended for curing:
  • Standard slabs
  • Indoor or outdoor environments
  • Slabs using surface treatment applications
  • Premium slabs such as shrinkage compensating concrete
  • Paving projects

HydraCure™ S16
HydraCure™ S16 covers are the most effective single-use wet curing cover. The roll width of 10.5 feet (31.5 meters) provides more than a six percent material savings per two feet (.6 meters) of roll width and minimizes installation time.

HydraCure™ M5
HydraCure™ M5 covers can be easily rinsed, rolled up and reused up to 20 times if cleaned and stored properly.


    proper curing:

  • Reduces cracking, crazing, scaling, dusting and pop-outs
  • Increases concrete strength and durability
  • Reduces permeability of concrete
  • Improves abrasion resistance

Made from inorganic materials, HydraCure™ S16 and M5 covers have smooth fibers that will not disintegrate and stick to the slab surface. When efflorescence occurs in specific environmental conditions. the covers may appear to stick; however inorganic covers retain their integrity when re-wet and can be easily removed. HydraCure™ covers will not stain the slab, leave behind any residue, rot or mildew during storage.


    product performance characteristics:

  • Delivers optimal concrete hydration with the non-woven fabric coated with a white-pigmented polyethylene film that traps and retains water on the slab and provides a 100 percent humidity condition below the cover
  • Prevents excessive heat buildup and ensures optimal drying rates with the white UV-resistant film that reflects the sun’s heat away from the slab’s surface
  • Ideal for a range of weather conditions by offering reflective properties; the covers can also be used indoors
  • Delivers a residue-free slab, so HydraCure™ covers are the best solution for use with surface treatments
  • Easy to roll out and lie flat on the slab as they are shipped in rolls with the fabric side out, reducing the blotchy appearance created by other curing sheets
  • Handling and placement is effortless without compromising the water-wicking qualities as inorganic covers are 20 percent lighter in dry base weight than cellulose products; and they are the only moisture curing cover we recommend for use with shrinkage compensating concrete (SCC) floors
  • Manufactured in the USA