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The revolutionary products of GRASSCRETE are brought to customers in India by JBA Concrete Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the manufacturers of GRASSCRETE, has a long history of both supply and installation of environmentally innovative range of paving and walling solutions in UK and India. Occationally confused with pre-cast2 blocks GRASSCRETE is in fact a cast on site cellular reinforced concrete system with voids created by plastic void formers. This type of construction offers significant structural advantages over pre-cast concrete and plastic systems. Products by GRASSCSRETE are proven lifeline for engineers and architects.

Grasscrete offers you an edge in your construction project with its several major advantages such as:

  • Load bearing up to 40 tones gross vehicle weight + higher
  • Resists differential settlement
  • Reduces sub-base depths
  • Eliminates kerb edges
  • Not reliant upon grass for stability
  • Optimum drainage capability.
  • Reinforced for the ecosystem since the products are self-draining, clean air, and recycle.

The light weight nature of the GRASSCRETE former moulds enables us to ship economically throughout the world.

In addition to its ability to withstand traffic loads, GRASSCRETE is also massively used for projects in the water environment. Tested to flow rates in excess of 8 meters per second, this self venting paving system is ideal for armoring reservoirs, spillways, storm/drainage channels, and river and sea defenses.

Application Area
  • Vehicle parking
  • Access roads
  • Fire and emergency access
  • Laybys / pull ins
  • Highway verges
  • Abnormal load diversions
  • SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system)
  • Helipads
  • Military installations
  • Slope protection
  • Drainage channels
  • Spillways

    1. Preparation

    2. Lay Formers

    3. Mesh reinforcement

    4. Concrete

    5. Melt former tops with flame gun

    6. Top Soil and seed


    Resists differential settlement
    Modular, pre-cast concrete or plastic systems rely significantly upon grass for stability by forming a composite tensile matrix. Under constant trafficking the combination of load and vibration can loosen root anchorage, leaving the surface prone to settlement in a syndrome known as ‘elephant tracking’.
    By contrast Grasscrete isn’t structurally influenced by grass and can therefore be trafficked before grass establishment. The reinforced structure resists differential settlement and the flat, upper surface and pocket shape minimises vibration.

    Ground heave
    Grasscrete’s unique pocket profile enables the release of frost heave and hydro-static pressure. These benefits enable the system to be used over frost influenced ground and in demanding slope protection works.

    Sub-base depth
    With an allowable ground-bearing requirement of just 45kN/m2, Grasscrete can be installed over slimmer sub-bases than required for pre-cast or plastic types.

    Edge details
    Modular pre-cast concrete or plastic systems require edge restraints or kerbs. For larger projects intermediate shear anchors may also be needed. Grasscrete however, requires no such details, enabling it to blend naturally with adjacent finishes with subtle delineation created by a monolithically cast solid concrete edge margin.


    Capable of draining at rates of up to 90% that of normal grassland, Grasscrete maintains the natural equilibrium of ground water re-charge. This serves to reduce the incidence of clay sub-soil shrinkage and attending instability of local building foundations. By combining with underground storage Grasscrete can offer the twin options of rainwater harvesting or the creation of a lag time to mitigate downstream flood potential.
    Grasscrete’s technology pre-dates what is now commonly termed as Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) and its principles are equally at home under that heading.

    Greenspace mitigation within urban areas is invaluable in balancing CO2 levels created by vehicular traffic. Located at the actual point of emission, the natural digestion by a grassed parking area can help to avoid atmospheric CO2 build up and reduce the “urban green island effect”. The ‘feel good’ factor of greenspace cannot be overlooked as street scenes are softened without losing essential structural performance.

    Grasscrete maintains an environmental focus in the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of the styrene formers. This policy is also extended to the soil pockets and sub-base layers where recycled materials are encouraged.