Formula 07

What is FORMULA 07 ?

Formula 07, the solution for enhancing concrete surfaces. Our innovative product is a chemical that penetrates deeply into both new and old concrete, creating a permanent seal that transforms surfaces into hard, dense, and durable platforms. Utilizing advanced waterglass technology. Experience the magic of a product that self-heals minor cracks, reduces moisture evaporation, and ensures a long-lasting, polished finish.

Discover the ultimate in concrete treatment with Formula 07.

  • A transparent penetrant, which is odourless, and a colourless concrete liquid.
  • Can be used in the exterior or interior.
  • Reduce moisture from evaporating from the concrete and finally create a sealed concrete surface.
  • 1 time application.

This chemical densification process hardens the concrete into one solid mass and locks up the dust.

The concept is very simple: a concrete floor surface is internally densified through a process of crystalline growth. 

Non-Densified Concrete Floor

Non-Densified Concrete Floor

  • Concrete surfaces are naturally porous, meaning they have microscopic voids and capillaries within them.
  • Without densification, concrete surfaces are more susceptible to wear, abrasion, and chemical damage.
  • The surface may be softer and more prone to dusting (the release of fine particles).
Densified Concrete Floor

Densified Concrete Floor

  • Densification involves treating the concrete with a chemical Liquid that reacts with the free lime in the concrete to fill in the pores and capillaries, increasing the surface density.
  • Densified concrete surfaces are significantly harder and more durable than non-densified surfaces.
  • The densification process reduces porosity, making the surface more resistant to water penetration, stains, and contaminants.
  • Offers better resistance to abrasion, impact, and chemical damage, extending the lifespan of the concrete.
  • Requires less maintenance and is easier to clean due to reduced dusting and improved resistance to stains.


Densification typically adds to the initial cost of concrete installation or refinishing but can reduce long-term maintenance costs.


Densified surfaces may have a slightly different appearance, often appearing more polished and smoother.


Densified concrete is commonly used in high-traffic areas like warehouses, retail spaces, and industrial facilities where durability and ease of maintenance are critical.

Benefits of Formula 07 Concrete Densifier

Increased Surface Hardness

Increased hardness extends the lifespan of the concrete surface, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Dust Proofing

By sealing the concrete pores, it eliminates dusting, which is particularly beneficial in industrial and commercial environments where cleanliness is crucial.

Ease of Maintenance

Treated surfaces are easier to clean and maintain, as the densification process reduces the penetration of contaminants.

Increased Chemical Resistance

The formula enhances the chemical resistance of concrete, protecting it against spills of oils, solvents, and other chemicals.

Improved Appearance

The densified surface is less likely to stain, maintaining its appearance over time.


Unlike some other treatments, Formula 07 is typically applied only once, providing long-term benefits without the need for reapplication.

Area of Application

Commercial Buildings

Residential Spaces

Educational Institutions

Hospitality Industry

Retail Warehouses

Recreational Facilities

Industrial Facilities

Office Buildings

Healthcare Facilities

Public Spaces

Automotive Facilities

Museums and Galleries

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