Concrete Clean

Evolving applied sciences

Specially designed to clean and condition densified and densified-polished concrete. An applied science that pulls all contaminants out from the concrete and holds it in suspension, providing maximum cleaning efficiency

Reduced Environmental Impact

Due to its high concentration, less product is required for use, and therefore less needs to be purchased, shipped, and stored, greatly reducing its overall environmental impact.

Improves Floor Performance

The chemically advanced sciences of, Uses “lift and hold” technology to remove soil and grit completely helps you to give a new life to your concrete floors every time you maintain and clean your floors with concrete-clean.


General Cleaning

Concrete Clean is simple and easy to use. First, remove any debris from the area to be cleaned. Concrete Clean can then be applied by wet mop, automatic scrubber or other means. Remove any excess diluted Concrete Clean and allow the concrete surface to air-dry


  • Dust Mop, Broom & Dust Pan
  • Dual Compartment Mop Bucket & Wringer
  • Concrete Floor Cleaner
  • Deck Scrub Brush (optional)
  • Cotton Mop (w/looped ends)


  • Dust Mop, Broom & DustPan
  • Auto Scrubber
  • Concrete Floor Cleaner
  • Medium-Aggressive Nylon Brushes (accelerate sheen)
  • Polypropylene OR Stiff-Poly Brushes (after sheen develops)


Product Benefits

  • Ph similar to cured concrete
  • Decrease visibility of minor scratches, blemishes
  • For concrete & hard surface floors
  • Maintains concrete sheen, prevents dulling
  • Decreases porosity