CreteFill Crack Repair

CreteFill Crack Repair™ is a fast set, high strength, extremely low viscosity, hybrid urethane repair material. This two part, 1:1 system is 98% solids and designed for repairing hair line cracks and larger cracks where no future slab movement is expected.

Other uses are rebuilding and repairing broken control joints and shallow spalled concrete surfaces very quickly. CreteFill Crack Repair urethane, when combined with sand, is perfect for repairing damaged control joints or warehouse spalls damaged from forklifts, steel wheeled carts, etc.

    Ideal for:

  • Crack Repair
  • Shallow Spalls
  • Grade Matching
  • Concrete Floor Repair
  • Stop Additional Damage
  • Fill & Repair Cracks Before Coating
  • Used to “Knit” Cracked Slabs


Installation Guidelines

Clean the area of debris, moisture and contaminants that would act to debond the CreteFill Crack Repair™ such as oils, loose materials, dirt, water, rubber, etc. Expose clean, rough concrete for best results. If using a saw to cut concrete and clean the crack, remove all the dust from the cut out area. Cut a vertical edge, minimum ½” deep on large cracks.

Make sure the area is dry. Vacuum or blow off cement dust. For narrow cracks, it is best to use the CreteFill Crack Repair™ in a cartridge so that a short 6-inch (150 mm) nozzle with a flow restrictor and needle can be used to limit the flow. Care should be taken to avoid excessive overfilling as the Crack Repair urethane can stain the concrete surface.


  • 1. Pre-fill crack with sand.
  • 2. Apply product into crack until crack refuses more material.
  • 3. More sand may be applied to surface & then ground down.


Sand filler should be dry. Grit sizes from 12 to 60. In exterior applications, the use of dry silica sand will reduce discoloration from UV rays. For large spalls, please use CreteFill Spall Repair™. CreteFill Crack Repair™ can be used to bond damaged slabs together. Not intended for use where substrate movement is required. CreteFill Crack Repair is moisture sensitive and should not be applied to wet surfaces.

Grinding To Finish Grade

Allow CreteFill Crack Repair™ to set about 15 minutes or until hard. For best results, use a flexible grinding wheel. Grind smooth with a 7-inch wheel. Scraping or cutting may also be done with a sharp razor blade cutter. Cut as soon as product is set and not completely hard. Repair is now ready for traffic.


    Product Benefits

  • Meets USDA and FDA Requirements
  • Cures from -20°F to 130°F (-28.9°C to 54.4°C)
  • “Drive-Over” in 10 to 15 Minutes
  • Produces High Strength Repair Quickly
  • Self-Leveling
  • Self-Priming
  • Can be Color Matched
  • Cartridge cures in 10 minutes
  • Gallon kits cure in 30 minutes


MSDS for this product is available at overview. All personnel should read and understand product Material Safety Data Sheets. Long sleeve overalls or disposable overalls, rubber gloves, splash shields, rubber or leather boots should be worn. Do not use near high heat or open flame. Do not take internally. Keep out of the reach of children.

Clean Up and Disposal

Empty containers must be drip free. Cured product may be disposed of without restrictions. Excess liquid ‘A’ and ‘B’ material should be mixed together and allowed to cure, then disposed of in the normal manner. Cured materials may be stripped or peeled from plastic tools and containers. It is recommended that metal tools be cleaned within one hour of use by cutting or peeling cured material from tool.


Curecrete warrants its products to be free of manufacturing defects and that they will meet Curecrete’s current published physical properties when applied in accordance with Curecrete’s directions and tested in accordance with ASTM and Curecrete’s standards. There are no other warranties by Curecrete’s of any nature whatsoever, expressed or implied, inclung any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose in connection with this product. Curecrete shall not be liable for damages of any sort, including remote or consequential damages, resulting from any claimed breach of any warranty, whether expressed or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or from any other cause whatsoever.