Coloured Concrete


JBA Concrete Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is only company that brings to you "Coloured Concrete Studio". Transform ordinary concrete into extraordinary, beautiful and durable building materials. The engineered systems of Studio distributed by address specialized requirements for interior, exterior and vertical uses with a compatible range of concrete coloring admixtures and concrete floor hardeners.

CONCRETE DYE- JBA Dye, JBA Concrete Solutions Pvt. Ltd. brings to you JBA Dye that has a unique property to color any cementious surface, be it in your office, apartment, parking space, or just about anywhere. It is formulated with extremely fine molecules that easily penetrate the cement. Longevity, excellent feel and look, and high-end quality are packaged along.

JBA Dye was created for use with polished concrete, but can be used as a base color or touch up for acid stained concrete or as a color stain itself

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  • Coloring concrete; especially designed for diamond-polished concrete
  • For optimum performance, use Ameripolish® OS Integral Color with Ameripolish® 3D HS Hybrid Silicate Densifier, Ameripolish® 3D SP Stain Protect, and/or Ameripolish® SR² Penetrating Sealer together to lock in colors for longer lasting protection

  • Dilution & Coverage
    OS Integral Color comes ready to use, and is premeasured in units equal standard dose for one 50 pound bag of cement base overlayment systems.

    For applications instructions, please refer to the overlayment manufacturer as each system may have different instructions for the desired outcome


    • Easy Shipping: dyes are packaged in dry form, so they are easy to ship, handle and store them.
    • Available in varied hues: Traditionally, JBA has worked well with bare concrete, both old and new. But now it can also be used with the new generation solvent-based dyes. It can deliver the colors of the rainbow, or the earthen colors associated with acid stains. JBA dye is available in 22 colors! Dye colors can be combined to create an unlimited number of color variations. Moreover, many vibrant colors can be mixed together. However, the major advantage of applying JBA Dye is that its colors does not fade; it wears as the concrete wears.
    • Unimaginable beauty: JBA dyes lend unimaginable beauty and gloss to your floor. With JBA Dyes, your floors reflect the beauty of natural stone. Moreover, JBA Dyes make your floor hard and dustproof.
    • Cost Effective: One of the major advantages of having JBA Dye is that it is very reasonably priced, and lets you have a choice of wide range of colors.
    • Impregnator Application: JBA Dye is excellent for areas that are prone to food or oil. It provides additional water and oil-stain resistance. In addition, the dye can also be applied to virgin or time worn concrete.


    • Does not alter mix properties
    • Maintains original strength
    • Colorfast in outdoor setting
    • Premeasured units equal standard dose for one 50 pound bag of cement base overlayment systems
    • Meets ASTM-C979 standard


    People, property, vehicles, animals, plants, and all surfaces not intending to be colored should be protected from the product, splash, overspray, and wind drift, using polyethylene sheeting or other proven protective material. If design requires discreet areas of color, mask adjoining areas, lining color edges with blue painter’s tape or similar adhesive masking material (DO NOT LEAVE DOWN FOR EXTENDED PERIODS OF TIME). Surfaces, animals, or clothing contacted by colorant may be permanently colored.



    The information contained herein is believed to be reliable. This information is based on laboratory testing and results. Because of variations in methods, conditions and equipment, each user must test this product to make a judgment of performance. Applicator is responsible for testing material for effectiveness and performance. Manufacturer obligation is limited to the refund of purchase price or replacement of material if proven to be defective. Claims must be made in writing and received within one year from date of product sale to original buyer. Sole remedy shall be replacement of product proven defective.